Is The Chanel Shoes Serial Number Same On Same Style Decked Out in a New Designer Purse For the Holidays – A New Designer Handbag is Good For Your Health

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Decked Out in a New Designer Purse For the Holidays – A New Designer Handbag is Good For Your Health

Want to make a difference in gift giving this year? Make a smart investment. Use the information in this article to start Google research for your entire 2006 discounts on designer bags and purses gift giving needs. Search terms found in “ITALICS” will find the perfect resources to fulfill all your shopping requirements from the comfort of your home. Copy & Paste search terms are highlighted in italics into the Google search box and voila! Let your toes do the shopping to avoid wearing out your feet!

Here are some solid tips, research and websites for your vacation discounts on designer bags purchase. When in doubt, go to, copy and paste in italics words in the search field and press Enter.

Now we pay several hundred dollars for a new pair of designer jeans, and our designer jacket or designer cashmere sweater costs a little more. Our Manolo stilettos top the charts for several hundred dollars. Then we break out with a fantastic designer wallet or purse with a much higher price tag. why Why not!

If it feels good, do it. Carry a designer handbag to make the designer outfit you painstakingly put together look great! And choose the classics. Choose a designer wallet that you will want to carry around for a while. Don’t be boring. Choose your new wallet with style, sophistication, texture, pattern, leather embossing and color. This season’s designer wallets are adorned with logos, chains, pendants, colorful trim and bold oversized designs.

The list of popular designers seems endless. Some of the best handbag designers include: Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Burberry and Coach. Don’t be surprised when you go bag shopping. Prices range from hundreds of dollars to several thousand apiece.

Remember George Carlin’s standard procedure about “stuff?” Well, now we’ve given our stuff to expensive wallets and handbags with amazing designs! Also, remember the famous TV ad for Loreal cosmetics that proclaimed “I’m worth it.” Owning a new expensive designer bag is now part of the psychology of fashion. We are worth it. We work hard on our looks and it’s great to carry a bag from a famous designer! Our stuff is worn in style because we’re worth it.

When people stare at you at the airport or the mall, focus on the handbags women (and men) are carrying today. The fashion for designer handbags is not exclusive to one gender. There are almost as many trendy men’s bags for guys as there are incredible styles for women. So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your man’s look, go for a standard basic to start his new adventure. A proposition is a Designer bags LATICO black leather messenger bag. This is a standard, basic, clean style for any man on your list.

Famous designer labels are the standard – the norm today compared to days gone by. Mostly you will see Gucci designer bags recognizable by the traditional stripe or horse board motif on leather, GG monogram canvas and/or mixed leather and canvas designs. Designer Gucci wallets for all age groups. Personally, I would save Gucci gifts for moms, aunts, and more mature women on your holiday shopping list.

Juicy Couture offers metallic leather and embellishes the bags with pom-poms, chains, pendants and the signature “J” logo on zippers and tags. Juicy leather bags are made of soft and supple Italian napa. The bags are comfortable to carry and suitable for any age category. AND Juicy Couture designer bag it’s the perfect gift for any woman aged 13 and up. Most wallets are lined with Juicy Couture signature lining. If you want to see a teenager on your holiday shopping list, smile from ear to ear, hand her a Juicy Couture designer handbag. Any size, shape, style or color will do!

Marc Jacobs designer handbag styles are timeless and timeless. They can be worn all year round and will never go out of style. Signature zippers and pockets adorn Marc Jacobs wallets. They use strong, scratch-resistant leather with smooth grain or quilted leather. Engraved hardware on zippers is standard. Bags are usually quite roomy and come in a variety of colors. Marc Jacobs is a bit more expensive than Juicy bags and not only will it make her smile, but it will probably make you happy too! If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, fill them to the brim MARC JACOBS designer accessories monogram animal pencil sharpeners. Anything monogrammed with MJ will put a smile on your young fashionista’s face!

Coach designer purses are an all-time favorite. Every closet should have at least a few to pull out when all else fails. Trainers are great for everyday use and come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs. Coach creates a signature CC logo template on monogrammed canvas. There are also Italian styles in smooth and pebble grain leather. Colors range from patchwork to plain basics. You can’t go wrong buying Coach for the holidays. One of our favorites is Designer handbag COACH 3574 branded shoulder bag with monogram. Coach also has small leather goods on bracelets, wallets, key cases and picture souvenirs. Small evening bags are also available for those who do not like to carry a large bag. The Designer wallets COACH white tarpaulin bronze leather perfect for gifts.

Louis Vuitton designer purses can be seen everywhere. LV monogram canvas is very expensive when bought brand new. However, it can often be found in resale shops when a woman wants to buy a new bag. Dealers love offer a great discount on used Louis Vuitton designer bags. Be careful when buying Louis Vuitton online. There are many fakes that are being sold as the real thing. When making an online purchase, it’s always wise to verify authenticity with the site owner before submitting your order.

Prada is easy to spot. Prada’s triangular logo is an icon in the fashion industry. Prada designer bags are made of leather or durable Velela nylon with leather trim. With the release of this year’s box office hit, The Devil Wears Prada, sales of this famous designer brand have increased. please remember angels wear prada too – especially your little angel! There are several styles to choose from with large embossed leather PRADA logos and PRADA embroidered shirt written in a 2006 multi-design font. One of our favorites is Designer purses PRADA BR3464.

Fendi designer wallets are decorated with the famous FF logo pattern. F’s are available in a large FF pattern or a smaller ff pattern. Both jacquard prints are fashion icons and are available in a variety of colors with matching little accessories. Classic Fendi is always a good gift choice, especially for someone special. Classic Designer handbag FENDI baguette designer wallet – 8BR000 tops our shopping list for all ages. However, if you’re looking for a monogrammed key case under $100, choose a Accessories FENDI 8AP002.

The Burberry Check pattern is very easy to recognize when you spot designer handbags. Traditional Tan is also available in a lighter color called Nova Check. Most are made of vinyl treated canvas with leather trim. Reasonable price BURBERRY handbag on a sling or BURBERRY nova check flower pot are Burberry’s favorite picks.

Chanel is known for sheared lambskin and chain straps. The CC logo is what women love the most. The CC logo is on Chanel designer bagsChanel designer jewelry and Chanel designer sunglasses. If you want to make a hit with a woman, give Chanel. This is a classic item that will literally never go out of style. My favorite holiday is CHANEL designer wallet in shades of red leather with a monogram. You can even find it for over 20% off retail online!

Hermes probably tops the price charts and there are not enough words to express the respect Hermes designer bags. Hermes leather goods are handcrafted and each one is assigned its own serial number to identify the craftsman’s handiwork. Hermes stores are only in big cities. But now that online shopping is available, several reputable sites offer Hermes. Again, be careful not to buy a Hermes fake. They are terrible imitations and insults to the house of Hermes. Choose a reliable online store and do not regret later. Auction sites are a risk to buy Hermes. So, if you don’t know the seller, you might want to stay away from auction sites like eBay for Hermes. offers small accessories, but shipping and taxes are incredible. Bluefly also sells Hermes, but again, the discount isn’t that big. There’s also for heavily discounted new Hermes, and if you don’t mind pre-owned, LuxuryVintage offers even bigger discounts plus shipping discounts with no sales tax. Whenever you have a question, email the site and don’t buy until all questions are answered.

Designer purses top the charts, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars a piece. Most women plan to buy several a year. I truly believe that a designer handbag has become as popular for fashionistas as buying a new pair of shoes. Don’t be intimidated by the high cost. These bags last a long time if properly cared for. Store them in your sleeping bag neatly in your closet. Take your favorite leather goods to a good cobbler for cleaning and repair. An expensive designer handbag will last a long time, even longer than your favorite pair of boots or stilettos, if properly cared for.

With the holidays upon us, thoughts of giving and receiving can become a dilemma. Ditch the chocolates and flowers this year. Give the gift that lasts forever! There are certain people (including us) who are very hard to buy. So what should we do? We ponder and wait until the last minute to make our choice. Think twice about this year’s purchases. Almost all women carry a purse. So, there is no doubt that any woman will love a new designer handbag. Most men use a wallet, some use handbags, and many use a briefcase or laptop bag. Make your purchases easy, memorable and practical. Invest your gift dollars in an item the recipient will love and adore.

Here’s a tip for the wise and why you should own, not rent, a designer handbag. The following excerpt from an article titled Bag-Teria was found on In summary, the article states: “Bacteria on wallets. A study of women’s purses was conducted. The medical team went to a local shopping center and took samples from the bottom of 50 women’s purses. The wallets were wiped with cotton buds all over the bottom of the wallets and placed in special containers. The smears were then processed in a local laboratory. The health report also revealed where women put their purses: public toilets (on the floor near the toilet), kitchen counters and kitchen tables, on tables and chairs in restaurants, etc. The results of laboratory tests contained the following most serious results: 1 out of 4 wallets – E COLI. Other extremely serious bacteria were also listed, including hepatitis.”

The mere thought of using a wallet previously borrowed by a stranger disgusts me. Many women carry their puppy in a bag. Should I risk using the same handbag for the market? Not a good idea, even if it gives you a sense of status. You definitely don’t want to spread an unwanted disease from a rented wallet!

The goal is to put all this into a new designer handbag for the holidays and beyond. Investing in a new leather or monogrammed bag should be a timeless treasure. So, do your homework and buy discount designer bags and purses online from a reputable fashion e-commerce site. And when in doubt, email the website owner for help, advice and assistance. Many websites offer personal shopping tips to put a smile on the face of both the giver and the recipient when shopping for a high-end designer.

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