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Why It Will Last: How The Stars See William and Kate

You don’t really need the stars to tell you that when Prince William married Kate Middleton, they were definitely head over heels in love. Last Friday, the most anticipated wedding of the century was seen by billions of people from around the world as they exchanged their vows in Westminster Abbey. Can our planets above confirm that this is indeed a true “fairy tale” that should stand the test of time?

Marriage Table: 11am 29th April 2011, Westminster Abbey

Astrology indicates that this is a strong marriage based on a lot of responsibility and wisdom, as it was initiated under the Sun at 8 degrees Taurus. 8 is the number of connections, stability, patience and infinity. Taurus is the most popular sign of the Zodiac for marriage. Coupled with the security and equal patience that Taurus brings – as the Sun is in the 10th house of Public Life/Career in the marriage chart – they will receive many recognitions and rewards that they will receive together as a couple, helping to develop the energy of Taurus. Queen Elizabeth was the first to respond to this astrological promise with her wedding gift, which contained several titles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel the world as a royal couple. With a sensitive Moon in Pisces, they will be concerned about the world and their role in helping it, especially with a 9th house placement. The rest of their 9th house of foreign travel/belief/higher education has the full force of the planets Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, which are pioneers here in Aries. Undoubtedly, there will be amazing events all over the globe that they can influence and bring good luck in their own original way.

Numerology believes that this is a very sensitive, protective and creative connection through the 29th calendar date. Although the 29 represents grace under pressure, as long as this Capricorn and Cancer couple remains compassionate, graceful in difficult situations and truly working together as a team; the balance will be theirs. 29/11 shortens to the singular 2, where the Moon is very present: indicating a family-oriented, emotional and nurturing energy that also guides them.

Like any human soul, our marital endeavors can be explored through numbers. Looking at the Lifepath, we see that the 19th Prince of Heaven blesses the entire marriage path. It also ensures that our new duke and duchess will be seen on the stage of life, and they will also initiate many benevolent, creative and enterprising things together. Around them will be a defense that will be quite lucky to keep their connection exciting; fueling inspiration and starting new endeavors that they will share constantly.

Are they soul mates?

Astrology is always ready to give a clear answer to this question, which says absolutely yes. William and Kate must have known each other for more than one lifetime if you look at the details of how their natal planets “talk to each other” in their birth charts.

Kate’s Venus trine and William’s Pluto

This is one of the strongest indicators of a past life connection between cards, not only confirming soul mates, but also soul mates. This planetary contact between Venus and Pluto ensures that once they meet again in this life, the separation will be extremely difficult. It is a deep karmic bond that they share, and there is an irresistible attraction they feel for each other that struck them like lightning when they first met.

Mercury trine Kate and William Saturn

What a wonderful mirror effect from this astrological gem! Although both born with native Saturn in Libra, Kate’s Mercury in Aquarius and William’s Mercury in Gemini bring a double whammy when it comes to communication, allowing one to rarely make demands on the other. Much of their ability to be fair and friendly comes from past lives, as this strong Saturn contact brings back the good karmic connections they already had. When communication and mental compatibility are this good, longevity in a relationship can’t help but want to stay.

Why do they get along?

William Born: June 21, 1982 | Kate Born: January 9, 1982

Born only 6 months apart, William and Kate share many similarities in the signs in which their natal astrological planets are placed. Their emotions, motivation, wisdom, self-confidence, originality, and capacity for transformation are all in congruent energies, as are the planets in their individual charts representing these qualities, coincidentally placed in the same signs.

Kate’s Sun opposes William’s Sun

Now the stars just had to spice things up a bit with the other planets that are close to their charts. Here’s a general case of looking at character identity alone, that opposites do indeed attract. Opposites – when approached properly – thrive when they compliment each other, and it seems they really do. Kate’s practical and classic Capricorn look makes her the yang to William’s yin with his innately sensitive Cancerian style. Cancer men are quite brilliant in creating a romantic atmosphere, while Capricorn women will appreciate the perfection that goes into this effort.

Kate’s Moon is conjunct William’s Moon and Sun

Six months after the Full Moon in Cancer, Kate was born in 1982, William was born just hours after the New Moon in Cancer. Emotionally, our royal couple has the same lovable, sociable, affectionate and empathetic demeanor about their feelings. They each bring their own personal sense of the extremes of beginning and ending emotions to their union (yet another way in which they completely compliment each other). The exact signs of the Moon can indicate telepathic abilities, which, when placed in the sign of Cancer, become even more noticeable; therefore, it is always highly recommended for William and Kate to go with their instincts.

Anytime in the comparison charts, if the Moon is in the same sign as the partner’s Sun (like Kate’s for Williams), you can bet that your couple won’t be separated for long. This aspect assures the stars above that even if a breakup happens, the door will be wide open to smooth things over later. William’s personality is undoubtedly tempered by Kate’s emotional nature. The bond they share in this life is flawlessly decorated with a rare harmonious blanket as cozy as Cancer: one in which they also enjoy spending a lot of time snuggling together at home.

William’s Sun sextile Kate’s Jupiter, Kate’s Sun trine William’s Jupiter

Again, another reflection affects how the planets “talk” to each other in William and Kate’s charts. When the Sun and Jupiter are in positive aspects, as their sextile and trine are William’s Cancer Sun and Kate’s Jupiter in Scorpio/Kate’s Capricorn Sun to William’s Jupiter in Scorpio), the best of social prestige, prosperity, wealth and seemingly great fortune never never too far. If there are trouble spots around, these planetary connections will be very helpful in optimistically getting them out of the way.

William’s karmic path 21/3 to Kate’s karmic path 9

Numerologically, 21 and 9 make a great team and have a genuine and honest way of relating to each other. Both Kate and William enjoy their freedom and independence, and as long as they respect that about the other, this understanding of Jupiter (3) and Mars (9) will have endless joy, spreading idealism around and motivating each other to learn and grow. Not to mention, these two definitely love to have fun together as a couple, but as we can see, even though they’ll be in the spotlight, they’ll make sure their personal time is respected and given.

Divine time

Have you ever wondered why some things last in life and others don’t? There is no doubt that time is of the essence. Current transits in our birth charts are a valuable tool for determining the appropriate time in our lives. We also rotate through time in 9-year cycles. Some years are more favorable than others for making important choices and changes.

Mutual return of Saturn in Libra

Although William and Kate met when they were very young, still in college, they waited until their Saturn return to make a lifelong commitment. Saturn is currently transiting Libra and has not spent time in Libra since several years around 1982. Astrology strongly recommends making any permanent decisions for life before the first Saturn Return, as the soul has not yet learned enough about it through experience. what he really likes and what he doesn’t. When the Saturn Return begins to move, if things are to remain in life they will solidify, otherwise they will dissolve.

Kate’s 5th personal year

Kate is currently in her Mercury-ruled year of constant change, movement and flourishing in her life after the previous 4 years of work, as the magical work of the 5 allows her not to return to what she once knew. How often does a “commoner” become a duchess? During the 5 years of Kate’s life, which is only a quarter of the past, there will be many more changes. As she enters her 6th personal year in January 2012, there will be even more irreversible changes that she will discover. (We won’t “predict” this, but perhaps it’s no surprise that Jupiter transited Kate’s children’s collective 5th house for the entire next year, if not the next heir to the throne, then of course her creative nature can produce brain children .)

William’s natal chart: The Sun transits the 4th house

Looking at William’s birth chart, his 4th house of home and family has a positive momentum as the Sun is now transiting here in Taurus as we see him making benevolent changes in this area of ​​life. He is very surrounded by emotions, especially the past at this time. Of course, this became apparent as the absence of Princess Diana (also a Cancer Sun sign like William) was mulled over, and while William was obviously more than happy, both he and Kate seemed particularly set on each other when the Moon was in Pisces fell When they took their vows, their feelings were more than open to their already innate loveable natures. Déjà vu often occurs with 4th house transits. The church where the world saw the prince marry Kate, at Westminster Abbey, happened to be the same church where he last said goodbye to his mother almost 14 years ago. Memories indeed.

It’s all in the name

Lexigrams share the last part of the secret of star intrigue. These are phrases created from anagrams of a name that amazingly tell a story that, nine times out of ten, is remarkably accurate to the one we see in real life.


A “commoner” millionaire to realize a rare dream

I want to marry a real nice cancer man who had a real nice cancer mom die in a car

Kateryna came to earth to become a leader with a big heart

Over time, Kateryna will become another eternal name


Since William has his battle suit, he pairs up with his optimal mate “mortal” soulmate as the entire patrol

William has a warmth, the truth that his soul goes through

William is a popular intelligent aristocrat who should be supported

William writes laws as a lefty

William has a spiritual triumph that is worth it

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It’s a blessing that the universe supports it all down here. While our new Duke may be sorting through more of those feelings from the past, Princess Diana is no doubt from above sending her royal approval down here as well, accompanied by the warmth of Love.

Future June 2011: it’s all in the name

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