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Kuala Lumpur’s Architectural Gems

Malaysia’s architectural styles are influenced by its history, climate and culture. Although remnants of Portuguese and Dutch architecture are rare except in Malacca, British colonial architecture with its plinths, columns and porticoes can still be seen in old administrative centers such as Georgetown, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Klang and Kuching.

The British also brought the neo-Moorish style to the country, the best example of which is the former railway station of Kuala Lumpur. However, since independence, Malaysian architects have sought to combine cultural elements with modern construction techniques, often creating stunningly original effects. These architectural masterpieces gave the main cities of the country a new character and identity.

Kuala Lumpur, being the center of the nation, has a skyline punctuated by an amazing collection of skyscrapers of eclectic design. Hijas Kasturi, who designed the Tabung Haji Building on Jalan Tun Razak, pioneered the fusion of modern and Islamic elements. The building is the headquarters of the Pilgrim Board Management Fund, which manages the finances of the Malaysian Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. The building’s five white columns resemble the tenets of Islam, and its hourglass shape is truly unique. Hijas Kasturi also designed Menara Maybank, which casts its shadow over Jalan Tun Perak. Consisting of 50 floors, it showcases the theme of verticality and there is no gap from floor to floor.

The Dayabumi complex on Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin is another manifestation of the interweaving of Islamic and modern design elements. Datuk Nik Mohammed Architecture created a white-carved façade based on Islamic patterns, complemented by pointed arched entrances. At night, the Dayabumi complex is bathed in light and exudes a true Malaysian architectural identity.

Cultural motifs have also been sources of inspiration, and Jalan Razak near Titiwangsa Lake has a trio of eye-catching buildings to look out for. These are the National Library, the National Art Gallery and Istana Buday (National Theater).

The National Library consists of three low-rise blocks with blue roofs, each resembling a ‘tengkolok’, a traditional Malay headdress. Tengkolok-shaped roofs cluster around the amphitheater’s open courtyard to symbolize the unity of the country, as well as the three purposes of the National Library; namely, to provide education, to satisfy the desire for knowledge, and to promote the habit of reading. They also reflect the harmony of the three main races – Malay, Chinese, Indian – in the country

There are vast expanses of vertical space in the vaults that form the atrium. The skylight creates a contrast with the roof and creates a sense of boundless space. The atmosphere of unlimited space ignites the intellectual faculties of visitors when they enter the lobby. Blue slates of three shades allow you to create sonket canvas motifs.

Istana Budaya (or National Theater) is the custodian of the nation’s culture. Architect Muhammad Kamaar Ya’akub replicated the traditional Malay house design for Istana Budaya. A traditional Malay house always has a long covered veranda called a ‘serambi’. The next part is the “rumah ibu” (literally means “mother’s house”), which contains the main sleeping quarters, followed by the “dapur” (kitchen) in the last part of the house. In Istana Budaiya, the building’s lobby, auditorium and main stage correspond to “serambi”, “rumah ibu” and “dapur” respectively.

Outside the building, the staircase leading from the first entrance is a large replica of the Malacca staircase. The main entrance is based on the “balairiong seni” (palace hall) found in ancient Malay palaces. The roof of the building is reminiscent of “sirih junjung”, a floral arrangement made of betel leaves used as decoration in Malay weddings.

As an institution tasked with preserving and promoting the arts of Malaysia, the National Art Gallery reflects its role through the building’s unique design. The 13,500 square meter building combines traditional Malay architecture with modern lines and resembles a kampung house with a gable roof. Aluminum composite panels, tinted reflective glass and stone comprise the materials used for its exterior. The main gallery on the first floor is occupied by permanent exhibitions. In four other galleries, exhibitions of local and foreign artists are held.

Kuala Lumpur’s most famous tower, the PETRONAS Twin Towers, has a great dose of Islamic design elements. It was created by Cesar Pelli & Associates, who used the geometry of two interlocking squares to create an octagonal star for floor tiles. Semicircles are superimposed on the octagonal star to soften the inner corners. The pattern on the floor of the grand lobbies is reminiscent of pandan (pandanus leaf weaving), and the bertam palm mat patterns on the walls are reminiscent of East Coast village crafts. In the massive voids overhead, stainless steel fixtures and screens seem to float in mid-air.

At 421 meters high at the top of Bukit Nanas, Menara Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Tower) is the fourth tallest telecommunications tower in the world and the tallest in Southeast Asia. Kumpulan Senireka Sdn Bhd has combined Eastern architecture with Western technology to create an impressive tower that is a major tourist attraction in the city. At the top of the tower is a revolving restaurant and observation deck. The soffit of the head of the tower is decorated with vertical ribs on the outer layer, on which is painted an Islamic pattern. This design can only be seen from the pedestrian area.

The dome-shaped arches in each doorway on the upper floor are decorated with glass that glows like giant diamonds, and the surfaces are arranged according to the shape of traditional Islamic Muqarnas. This drawing from Isfahan, Iran, forms larger rough patterns below to symbolize the seven layers of heaven.

In the posh suburb of Bukit Kiara, the Securities Commission building and the National Science Center have a futuristic look. The National Science Center resembles a green truncated cone topped by a geodesic dome. There are nine galleries that house more than a thousand interactive exhibits, including overhead aquariums where visitors can observe the inhabitants of the deep up close. The Securities and Exchange Commission building, located in a green valley directly across from the National Science Center, is based on the concept of transparency. Its glass exterior walls allow ample sunlight to enter. A moat flows

Malaysians’ growing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment has led to Menara Telekom being formed using a bamboo shoot. Its height of 310 meters, consisting of 55 floors, is rated as a six-star intellectual building by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and is distinguished by its tapered shape. Menara Telekom is prominently located along the Federal Highway and Jalan Pantai Baru and is served by the Kerinchi LRT commuter station.

As buildings reflect the country’s dynamism and progress, Kuala Lumpur’s aesthetically designed buildings are indicators of the direction the nation is heading. At the same time, they become a great backdrop for tourists posing for photos.

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