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Lesbian Love – First Kiss Tips For Girls

Possibly the most intimate non-sexual act between two people is kissing, but as with so many other things, a kiss is not a simple act. A kiss, a style of kissing is not the same as another; there is much more behind a kiss than just an expression of love. In some countries, kissing is an accepted form of greeting, regardless of gender, with two people kissing each other on the cheek having the same meaning as shaking hands. In many societies today it is also acceptable to kiss close friends directly on the lips as a greeting, without any more intimate or loving relationship, although this is mainly restricted to younger women.

The type of kiss between two people can have several meanings: a sign of friendship; a simple greeting; a sign of love or more. A kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the cheek, the kiss of a person’s hand, a kiss on the lips, each depends on the level of friendship, the relationship between the two parties, what the person giving wants to convey. The style of the kiss also depends on the type of meeting, whether it is formal or friendly and, to a large extent, what is acceptable in a particular society or country.

Building a relationship between two people is not an easy thing, regardless of gender. However, building a lesbian relationship is the same as for heterosexual couples, the only difference is that both are of the same sex. In both cases, mutual interests play a role, as well as mutual attraction, love and, to some extent, sexual attraction. As with all other relationships, trust and understanding, the ability to talk and listen, the understanding of the other person and the ability to compromise also play their role.

One of the easiest ways two people can express their love for each other, apart from the use of words, is through kissing. A shared loving kiss is something very special, but it is also something that needs to be learned, that needs some practice and that, at the beginning of a relationship, can cause problems. Unsure of where a relationship is going, or if it’s just starting, it’s hard to judge exactly how to kiss another woman. It depends a lot on the situation, the environment, the level of friendship – or passion – that has already been built between the couple. It also depends on whether both parties, the two women, are aware that there is an interest in the kiss and how deep this interest goes, if the person kissing already knows for sure that the woman he is kissing is also a lesbian. There are still, in many societies and in many smaller communities, however free a society may pretend to be, personal restrictions which prevent a clear manifestation of sexual tendencies.

A kiss is not just a kiss. Lip touching is a small part of the whole, not even the beginning of a kiss and hopefully not the end either. A kiss begins with the mind; the decision that you want to kiss someone, that you are attracted enough to show one of the most intimate signs of attraction. It starts with communication, not necessarily through words but words are also a very good means of communicating the desire to kiss, depending on the situation. Body language, especially the eyes and the way one person touches another, also plays an important role. Being close to them and looking into their eyes, reading what their body language is telling you, is not easy but, with the right person, there is a silent level of communication, of mutual understanding possible.

One of the most important things to remember when kissing someone for the first time is not to overdo it, not to force the other person into a situation that they may not be ready for. A light kiss directly on the lips is probably the best way to start, followed by careful observation of how your partner reacts. For some a kiss on the lips can be a shock, not necessarily a bad one, but a pleasant surprise. It can also lead to a kiss, which is clearly expected. Once it is clear that the kiss has been accepted, that it is desired, the kiss can literally take its own course. Lesbians, just like anyone else, allow their emotions to control their reactions when it comes to the most pleasant and intimate things in life.

Still, there’s a lot more to a kiss than just a peck on the lips and reading body language. A woman’s lips are very sensitive, for many even an erogenous zone, which, together with other parts of the body, can cause more than platonic reactions. Other parts of the body can enhance the effects of a kiss when touched or caressed, such as a person’s neck, arms, and hands. In public, taking into account the customs of a civilized society, caressing a woman’s breasts would not necessarily be acceptable, but in private it is something else, once the level of kissing has passed the initial stage. More intimate actions, such as intimate touches, should be saved for later; it’s best not to cling and feel good from the start of a relationship as this can quickly create the wrong impression.

There are many different ways to kiss: a kiss directly on the lips, quick and light; a direct kiss on the lips with more pressure and duration; a kiss with the use of the tongue around the lips; a kiss with your tongue inside your partner’s mouth; soft lip bite; kissing other parts of the body such as cheeks, neck, ears, etc. Kissing can also involve heavy use of the tongue, both inside and outside the mouth, biting and light sucking although, at the beginning of a relationship, it is best to be careful and not immediately dive into an advanced love session.

Kissing is also an act that requires time. A quick kiss on the cheek, lips or forehead is often interpreted as a mere greeting and nothing more than that, especially if, having a kiss, you immediately back away too much. Something more intense, an act of love, should be treated slowly and carefully, concentrating your full attention on the person you are kissing as if there is nothing more important to you in the world, as if you have all the time available only for him . . The first lightest kiss on the lips should be followed by not pulling away, inviting the woman you kissed to kiss you back, looking into her eyes, judging her reaction, and when you’re sure, kiss her again with some more. intensity, longer duration. Once you get over the first hurdle, maybe overcome your own uncertainty or shyness and kiss for the first time, events will take their natural course.

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