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The Right Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Lately I’ve been wearing Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. For fun, I thought I’d check out Blog Noir.

So here I was, signing up for another case. I walked into the store, looking. If looks could kill, I’d drop dead in the doorway. From behind her counter, Jen’s eyes pierced me with a deadly glare. I was left adrift in another situation with lackluster sales. Go figure. Just another face in the crowd on a cul-de-sac, you know the story.

I was working for a client. Sent to transform your stagnant service centers into a finely tuned retail machine. A scrap dog of a Chevy in a high-tech Porsche, so to speak… Here I walked into that shop as a messenger of change. With this change came the requirement for agents to start selling. oh yeah Change is always a touchy subject. And, as the messenger of change, Jen wanted to shoot the messenger: me.

As he walked towards Jen, his eyes narrowed; assuming a look of deep suspicion. I felt the waves of resistance wash over her like asphalt heat on an August afternoon in Phoenix. wow Jen was especially resistant to change. The idea floated like a lead balloon stuck in quicksand.

Despite their attempts to banish me, I ventured a hope "Good morning." Eyes rolled up in her head, muttering unintelligibly, Jen abruptly lowered her eyes. Suddenly, she seemed to find her computer monitor more than fascinating.

Don’t worry, I tell myself. Time to try another angle, "Wow, I thought I’d stop by today to see if we can find a way to help you pay for your wedding dress faster."

Well, in one New York second, Jen’s world stopped on a dime. In the space of a breath, an hour passes. With a happy twist, his face lights up. She smiles and says: "How are we going to do it?"

Second part: The secret of the M-Key

Two weeks before this event, I met with Jen and her sales cohorts. Each agent revealed their secret motivational key, or M-Key for short. Jen’s M key was, "to pay for my wedding dress."

An M-Key is a word or phrase that, when spoken, creates an instant emotional connection with the listener. A person can then use this word or phrase as a code. The emotional meaning attached to this code goes beyond any logical definition of the words themselves. In Jen’s case, her wedding dress was the symbol that encoded the complex set of emotions she felt regarding her upcoming wedding.

The M keys are tied to what is most urgent and important to the person you are talking to. Are you catching my drift here? The M keys provide a means of accomplishing the two most important but difficult things to accomplish when you’re communicating:

-Capture the listener’s attention

-Establish an instant emotional connection.

Want to know the secret to being a great communicator? Here it is, folks, and it’s as simple as that: every word paints a picture, and every picture tells a story. Want to know the next secret? Again, simple: paint a picture that people will care about. You see, the problem is that we often paint a picture with our words about what a person couldn’t care less about.

How many times have you been stuck, captive, in some sad audience…falling asleep…while the speaker shares a vision that has little or no meaning to you? Eyes drooping, you toss and turn to the buzz of words that only serve to disconnect you further. The speaker, as a leader, talks about his vision: to increase income by 15%. However, it does not understand your M-Key; their emotional motivation. You are part of their frontline team. You are part of the flight crew preparing for takeoff. Your lead connects emotionally with their motivation to increase revenue. However, his flight is doomed to never take off, because he failed to connect emotionally with you, his frontline team…

The beauty of using a person’s M-Key words is: an M-Key automatically activates the perfect image, the one that matters most to the listener. In this way, we connect our intention with the emotions of the person we trust to achieve our purpose/goal.

Another year, another case… So I meet with Bob, the president of a wealth management company. I intend to sign your company as a customer. During our 90-minute conversation, he says: "Achieve $95 million in new business revenue"– a hundred times. What ignited his passion every time he spoke these words? He poured a lifetime of emotional connection into that M-Key, encoding it that way. What was the reason behind Bob’s emotional connection? — Bob’s deep love for his family and his desire to provide them with the best life he could.

Taking extra time, paying close attention to Bob’s motivation, proved to be powerful. A strong and united bond was created between us: a shared purpose. Oh, and by the way, Bob’s company provided me with my (then) biggest contract ever! I was able to connect my intent for him to become my client to get his M-Key.

Here’s a tip: really listen to people. You will repeatedly hear the words (the M-Keys) that will allow you to achieve your intention with their M-Keys. Just as you are there to support another, he/she can support you in achieving your intention with their M-Key. Understood? I declare this case closed!

I have found that if you listen to people, you will hear them repeatedly say the words (the M keys) that will allow you to link the achievement of your intention to their M key. This facilitates your ability to influence a person(s) to support the achievement of your intention. Let’s look at the different situations where the M keys can make a difference:


A sales leader makes it his first priority to identify each new salesperson’s M-Key when they come on board. Use those M keys to position the execution of sales behaviors that will ensure success. His contribution played a key role in his region moving from worst to first in the national ranking of a Fortune 50 company.


A high-performing sales rep searches for business owners using an M-Key that is universal to their mid-sized business owner prospects: more control over the future of their business. Once you set up an appointment, use that appointment to identify the business owner’s personal M-Key. Then link your intended solution to the owner’s ability to achieve that M-Key.

Public speaking

One of my clients asked me to speak at their national sales meeting. Held on a cruise to Mexico. I was looking forward to the opportunity until I found out it was on the schedule for 9am Sunday morning after an all day beach party on Saturday.

I found myself in front of 400 vendors! Luckily I was getting on the boat on Saturday night when the buses came back with the revelers. I witnessed the senior vice president on the balcony of his cabin shirtless singing at the top of his lungs. I opened my talk by positioning my message as helping the audience come back next year to see what the SVP would sing then. The audience went from grumpy and hungover to laughing and cheering.

Using the right words (the M key) is worth more than a thousand random images. It allows you to instantly connect to the image that is most important to listeners, yours.

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