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First Date Clothing Suggestions For Men

Dressing smartly and appropriately for a date is an area that unfortunately some men overlook and feel they don’t need to put in the effort to dress for a date. This is the first mistake a man can make when going on a date. That being said, not all men overlook this area; there are some men who spend hours preparing for a date but won’t admit it. Wherever you decide to go on a date, regardless of class, it’s vital that you look like you’ve made an effort and show up looking your best in freshly washed and pressed clothes.

First impressions can make or break a date, so the importance of looking smart cannot be understated. In addition to being washed and ironed, clothes must fit properly, be free of stains, no holes, not too tight, not too loose, not garish, not old or faded. It’s also important that the clothes you choose to wear on a date are appropriate for the location of the date and match your age. Dressing older or younger than your actual age will only make you stand out. By dressing too young, you can look like you’re trying to recapture your youth, leading your date to believe that you have other personal issues. On the other hand, dressing too old could be off-putting to your date. You want your date to look at you and feel happy to be on a date with you, not to wonder what they got themselves into.

The easiest date to dress up for is a casual date. This could include going for a drink at a bar, going out for fast food or a visit to the cinema. For any casual date, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear jeans. It doesn’t mean you can dress up or wear jeans that have seen better days. Jeans should be in good condition and have a perfect fit, especially in the bottom area, which is where most women tend to look good. You can choose from a variety of tops to go with jeans, such as a t-shirt, polo shirt, casual shirt or sweater. Polo shirts are ideal if you have a good physique and want to show it off. If the weather is cold, then a casual jacket is suitable. If you do decide to wear a t-shirt, it’s best to avoid garish colors and stay away from novelty t-shirts, at least for the first date. If you decide to tuck your top into your pants, remember to wear a belt to finish off your look.

You can go out with jeans on a casual date, but if you are going on a classy date, then they are not appropriate. A more formal look is required for a fancy date, such as a visit to the theater or a meal at a fancy restaurant. It’s a good idea to have a suit, ideally in a dark color like charcoal gray or navy, as you can create a number of different looks using just one suit. You can wear a variety of different shirts and ties with a suit, or you can completely change your look by wearing suit pants with a casual shirt, or even wear the suit jacket over a casual outfit to create another great look. If you choose to wear a casual outfit on a dressy date, all you’ll achieve is showing your date that you can’t be bothered to make an effort, and you’ll stand out especially if your date is wearing a dressy dress. Once you’ve chosen your outfit, don’t ruin the look by wearing the wrong shoes. You should wear formal shoes when going on a formal date. Sneakers, sandals, pumps and boots are not suitable. Formal shoes should be clean, match the outfit and comfortable to wear. If you’re wearing a belt with your pants, ideally your shoes should be the same color as your belt. Footwear is one area that women tend to notice, so great footwear can leave a great lasting impression on your date.

An active date, like playing a game of tennis or going for a walk together, requires a different look. It is necessary to wear sports clothes and not forgetting supportive shoes. Clean modern shorts or shorts are suitable, as long as the shorts are not too small and tight and the jogging pants are not baggy at the knees. A t-shirt, long or short-sleeved, is suitable, and if the weather is cold, a sports jacket or sweatshirt can be worn. Dressing for a sports date is not a time to put fashion ahead of comfort. You should dress in clothes that will not restrict your movement and feel comfortable to wear; remember to check that they are clean before putting them on, including the shoes.

If your date has the date and you don’t know where you are going, then you need to wear clothes suitable for a variety of places. A good suggestion is a pair of smart trousers paired with a trendy shirt and a smart jacket. A smart jacket, such as a suit jacket, will be appropriate if your date has reserved a table at a fancy restaurant, and a fashionable shirt is enough for any casual date and even a slightly dressier date. It is not necessary to wear a tie, but if you prefer, you can always hide a tie in your jacket pocket in case you find yourself going to a fancy place. If you feel too dressed up, you can remove your suit jacket to reveal your casual shirt. It’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed, which will show you’ve made an effort.

Along with clean, pressed, fresh-smelling, and well-fitting clothes, it’s a good idea to show up to a date shaved, showered, and smelling great. Smelling good is very attractive to women, just don’t go overboard with the aftershave or body spray. Don’t leave your decision to the last minute. Think ahead about what you want to bring and take your time to prepare. The last thing you want is to go on a date and feel nervous and worried because you forgot to shave or put on deodorant. Planning your outfit ahead of time and looking like you put in the effort are the two main keys to dressing well for a first date.

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