How To Do A Block Quote In Word Chicago Style If Your Girlfriend Needs Time, This is How You Give it to Her

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If Your Girlfriend Needs Time, This is How You Give it to Her

As we all know, relationships go through phases. There are good times and not so good times. It is quite seasonal in nature. In fact, we can’t judge someone just because one season isn’t as good as the others… In reality, you won’t watch all the seasons unless you stick around. In fact, it may even be worth it in the long run.

Using metaphor and analogy to deal with relationships is great. Try not to define events…in fact try to accept and understand them, it’s much easier this way. Acceptance is a very beautiful thing. Other people’s virtues are just as important as yours and mine. During my years in high school and college I have helped many friends, both male and female, call me their love guru. All I did was listen, never offer a solution until we both absolutely understood the problem.

I have heard and understood both male and female perspectives and guess what?… they are very very similar. I’m no expert on relationships, in fact, I don’t really believe they exist, because every relationship and every person is unique and different. I like to say that wisdom is the best strategy to adopt when dealing with relationship problems. Understanding psychology is just scratching the surface, and in fact, using it incorrectly is just a manipulative tool that fails to achieve love. I would suggest that while you give your wife time, be there for her when she is in a good mood and in a bad mood. Be yourself and that’s the person you fell in love with.

So if you’re going through a season right now that may seem rough and tough with your respective significant other, don’t judge it, just accept it. Acceptance is a beautiful thing. What is beautiful can sometimes be so hard to describe. Even in the dark moments of life, there is beauty, and I saw it.

There are many ways to overcome the conflicts we experience in relationships, there is no golden rule.. All those articles and psychological techniques to get your ex back are quite manipulative.

Out of mine [and others] life experience[s], using those psychological tactics is rarely a loving way to have a peaceful relationship, they will only turn your love into a battlefield. The song done by Pat Benatar is great though!

So what do you do if your girlfriend needs time?

**Be realistic and be cool.

The word “cool” is your friend. What do we mean by “cool”? Cool means refraining from acting irrationally and being needy. Don’t put your needs above hers, in fact, the hard times we go through in a relationship will define us, make us stronger. So be happy, make her happy and show her that you really care about her by maintaining your self respect. Now let’s combine analogy and metaphor, using both wisdom while understanding basic psychology.

First, there is some wisdom, analogy, and metaphor here; Love is like a tree, it needs sun, it needs “space”, it needs “time” to “grow”. Imagine this as a healthy tree and this healthy tree resembles your relationship. If you want the tree to grow, you cannot hide it and block it from the sun’s rays, by not giving it space and time and sunlight it will not grow. So try not to block his sunlight by always being around him and not letting him use his own inner resources to solve his own problems. Now the psychology part. We all have a tendency to move “toward” the things in life that we associate with pleasure, and we also have a tendency to move “away” from the things in life that we associate with pain. It’s true Have you been pushing her away?

**Show empathy and compassion.

empathy Put yourself in his shoes, what is he feeling now? You can relate to what’s going on at work, at home, with friends, and most of all, your relationship with her. If she’s stressed, don’t stress her out more, instead make every meeting a calming experience with her, not only will it make her happy, you’ll be able to show her why you’re together and that you’re so great, it’s actually reinforcing her initial reason for why does he love you Remember he loved[s] you for a reason I am very sure that you made her happy and excited when she met you, it is so easy to do it again and better. Why? Because you share history and you are a great person. Constantly add value and don’t be afraid to lose it and see what happens.

The word “love”. This word has so many meanings and is often misused, misled or scared of people. For love is everywhere and is not a definable feeling. Even if your girlfriend didn’t say I love you, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. Love is expressed in many ways. Express your love for her by being patient and accepting of her as she is even if she is feeling very cold right now. Guys, I quote, “Love is not seeing a perfect person, it is seeing an “imperfect” person perfectly.

**Hang out with your friends or plan a getaway with them.

I’m pretty sure you’ll feel rejuvenated sitting in a spa, sipping drinks, grilling, and just relaxing. You will find that the person you were when you met your girlfriend was an outgoing and independent person, don’t lose that independence. If you’re having a drink with the lads stay safe and don’t do it again, have fun!

**When she talks to you.

listen to her keep calm Look her in the eye and don’t interrupt her. Answer all their questions and be honest.

If you maintain eye contact, you will create a deeper understanding, in fact she will feel heard. Use empathic communication. i.e. “yes, from what you say, you must really feel…” Don’t engage in a solution-based conversation until you both really understand the whole problem. Let her talk and talk and talk, even if you don’t like what she says. Sometimes I make this mistake too, I just ramble.

When it’s time to go your separate ways wherever you are, give her a hug if that’s all she’s into right now, don’t go for a kiss. You will find over time that he will kiss you on the cheek and then slowly open up. Say good night or whatever you normally say and thank him for coming out. The same goes for your phone calls.

**Make her feel like a great bride.

There’s nothing worse than a woman thinking she’s been a horrible witch to her boyfriend. If they feel bad if they hurt you. i mean it Whenever she apologizes, forgive, if you do wrong, apologize too. This is the beginning of some healing. Tell him you think he’s great even though he’s really bothered you for the past few weeks.

**Make her laugh.

It’s okay to act funny in a masculine sense. I tend to repeat something and change my tone making it funny. Women love this. Remember, girls want to have fun, just like us.

**Don’t make her jealous by using other women.

Yes, jealousy is a very strong motivator to bring someone home, but jealousy can erode your judgment and make you react for the wrong reason and it won’t be out of love, I can assure you. I believe in two forms of jealousy, they are good jealousy and bad jealousy. Good jealousy is usually when we have a small feeling of it, but it stops immediately and does not poison your relationship. You feel a certain emotion but it makes you recognize that you have emotion there.

Good things happen jealously while you’re in a relationship and don’t undermine your own respect or theirs. Evil jealous will do the exact opposite, it continues and plagues your relationship causing suspicion, mistrust and obviously insecurity. Don’t play with jealousy, especially with your girlfriend to make her feel jealous, it’s more powerful than you think and it can bite you.

**Don’t give him an ultimatum.

The worst thing you can do is give him a time limit on how long he will stay or for him to make a decision. I warn you, you will be the loser. Ultimatums rarely work and this comes from my experience as a lawyer and the understanding of having a win-win situation. If you use an ultimatum, consider it a lose-lose situation.

It’s perfectly okay for you to tell him that you’re hurt and frustrated and that the relationship isn’t what you really want. Sure you could tell him you won’t stay if he’s still cold. You have the right to make your own decisions and act on them (if you go down this road you’d obviously have thought this through and really want to end things). ). Don’t say this to manipulate her to bring her back, she may chase you, but it won’t be out of love, it will be out of fear. Trust me acting out of love is much better for a peaceful long term relationship.

**Be strong!

This is essential. I haven’t seen this in any post online. This is not only important to you as a man, but it is important for her to see that you are her rock. If he’s going to marry you and have your children one day, he doesn’t want someone who can’t control his emotions and acts like a child. Being strong not only makes her feel supported, but you’ll exude confidence in the right way.

**Keep your balance, exercise, read and eat well.

Stay informed about world events, read a novel, work out at the gym and eat well. You’ll look better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll also be busy keeping busy. This is not only important for your own well-being, it is attractive as you have a world outside of theirs.

The reason your girlfriend needs time may not be just you, but her, respect that. Be open to what she says and let her figure things out in her own way and give her as much time as she wants. If you wanted time and were in her situation, you want your girlfriend to demand you. Treat others the way you want to be treated and trust me, that’s an easy but bulletproof strategy for your relationship.

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