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21 Reasons for Exporting a Used Car from Japan


There has never been a better time to import a used car from Japan and save a lot of money. Exports from Japan have been increasing steadily for the past three years as more and more dealers, wholesalers and private buyers around the world recognize this great opportunity.

Reason #1: Wide range of products: Due to the competition in the Japanese car market, there are many models and manufacturers in Japan including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru), Suzuki and Daihatsu.

Reason #2: K-class Mini Car: This is a new type of car that was developed in Japan to solve the environmental concerns, the demand for fuel consumption and the wide range of the no place on the Japanese road. All K-class cars meet specifications that limit weight, engine displacement (maximum of 660cc) and exterior dimensions. K cars have the best value in demand worldwide.

Reason #3: Japan’s roads are great: Despite the lack of space, Japanese roads are very well maintained meaning wear and tear that would be attributed to poor roads in other countries. Nationality is not a problem in Japan.

Reason #4: Average age of cars: The average age of all cars on Japan’s roads is almost certainly lower than in other countries. It is unusual to see cars older than 15 years on the road at all. The Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association (JAMA) reports the average age of a car at 5.8 years.

Reason #5: Higher standards: Due to the variety of models from all manufacturers and the Japanese preference for new electronics and other equipment, the specifications of Japanese cars made for the domestic market usually cost more than foreign equivalents. This means you can buy a Japanese export model with all the features you like for the same price as a domestic model.

Reason #6: Low mileage: Most Japanese people live in cities that are sparse and densely populated. Since everything necessary to live a good life is very close to the Japanese people, the average car driver is usually less than half of other countries. The Japan Automobile Research Association reported that the average mileage for Japanese drivers will be around 9,000km per year. American drivers, on the other hand, drive an average of 19,000 kms every year.

Reason #7: Relative cost: Even after accounting for costs such as shipping and local compliance it is almost always cheaper to buy a used car from Japan than to buy a local equivalent car. There are many reasons for Japanese exports to be very cheap, the main one of them is the mandatory safety inspection of Japanese cars which results in an increase in the cost of ownership according to the old car.

Reason #8: Excellent resale value: Japanese cars, especially Toyota and Lexus, often hold their prices higher for the life of the product than foreign players like Ford and GM .

Reason #9: Effective automated auction systems: Instead of buying from private sellers or from local used car dealers whose reputation and business will be compromised Accordingly, used Japanese cars can be purchased at wholesale prices from excellent dealerships from Toyota, Nissan and other reputable companies. Every car put up for auction is photographed, inspected and graded and this information is useful, accurate and available to buyers.

Reason #10: No need to deal with sleazy local used car salesmen: It is unfortunate that the used car market around the world has a reputation of being untrustworthy and lying. lie to understand their customers on each agreement. . Whether this is true or not, buying a Japanese truck eliminates the need to deal with these people at all.

Reason #11: Japanese tradition of always buying new: Japanese drivers do not like to buy used cars, regardless of the value of doing so. So the Japanese always buy new cars every 5-7 years, creating a pool of quality, low-cost, high-spec used cars ready for global sales.

Reason #12: No need to waste time and money with private sellers: It is well known that buying a used car from a private seller is sometimes a good way to find competition, but this type of purchase can be very risky for the buyer. who is not mechanically inclined. It can also take a long time with private sellers, trying to schedule meetings and test drives and going around town to inspect cars that are often not as advertised. .

Reason #13: Abundance of Japan-based used car exporters and experts: Since Japan represents the second largest country in the world and exports from Japan has grown every year there are many suppliers and experts who can help you in the search. and export your car. Because there are so many people vying for your business you can choose the distributor you like and get a very competitive price as well.

Reason #14: Japanese safety regulations: The Japanese roadworthiness test is good for two reasons: (1) All Japanese cars are inspected once a year and inspected everything to ensure that they are well maintained and (2) get qualified (called Shaken in Japan) often cost a lot, making the running costs constant every year when the car gets bigger . The latter is one of the main reasons Japanese drivers change to a new car quickly and often.

Reason #15: More cargo capacity and shipping options: Many trucking companies have increased their capacity to ship new and used vehicles from Japan due to the growth in the industry. Copy this. For people who want to buy 2-4 cars at a time shipping by container is also an option that will be faster, safer and cheaper depending on the port.

Reason #16: There is objective information: On the Internet today there are many car review sites dedicated to providing accurate, timely and objective information on all types of Japanese cars. . It is not necessary for buyers to rely on the seller or manufacturer’s information to understand the correct specifications, price and vehicle before purchasing. .

Reason #17: Competitive testing and evaluation: All auto dealerships in Japan conduct tests and evaluations by experts before entering the vehicle on the market. compete. These tests are detailed and accurate and include all the necessary information including grading the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Reason #18: Easy payment terms: Although most suppliers require payment by wire transfer, credit card/paypal payment and payment by letter of credit has become more common. Most exporters are open to alternative payment methods and foreign buyers may also consider escrow services if they are not comfortable sending large amounts of money abroad for the first time. .

Reason #19: No need to speak Japanese: Because of the huge business that has been created using Japanese car exports there are many people from many countries involved in this business. Buyers from Pakistan can communicate with suppliers in Urdu. Buyers from Russia can speak the local language with Japanese suppliers in the north, where there are many Russian speakers. Almost all delivery people in Japan speak English as well. You don’t have to worry about communication problems.

Reason #20: Availability of spare parts: While Japanese domestic standards are often higher than their foreign counterparts, the fact that there are many Japanese manufacturing plants available around the world answer means that most of the popular cars will be available cheaply in the local market. . In the event that a part is not available at home, there are many specialized sites that can help find what needs to be done.

Reason #21: Vehicles, trucks and machines are also available: While used cars are currently the most popular automotive export, find buses, trucks and machines also do more. Most Japanese trucks are purpose built, while those made in other countries are not. So it was possible to get the perfect car for the job at hand by importing it from Japan. Again, the quality and price of these products exceeds what is normally available locally.


Buying a new or used car from Japan is a great way to get your dream car and save money doing it. Although it may not be the fastest way to buy, more and more buyers are willing to take advantage of this great opportunity. Since buying a car is often a big decision and proposition, exporting your next car from Japan is a worthwhile decision.

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