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The Psychology of Genius

On the strength of intelligent people and need to create mental models and solutions to support intelligent people.

I have written a lot about the wise man. However, the mental profile of geniuses needs a separate discussion because it is very broad and the characteristics or characteristics of geniuses are specific to what they want proper analysis and decision making. Intelligence is marked by a high level of intelligence, an intellectual IQ score above 145, especially a high level of independence and a high level of creativity. Most intelligent people are independent in their thinking, creative and highly intelligent. A great talent is often defined by the main attributes of intelligence, creativity and independence. However, there are certain characteristics that distinguish intelligent people from other people.

Genius and Character: Geniuses have different personalities and habits. They are rule-breakers, system-busters, world changers, visionaries and pioneers. In societies where intellectuals are recognized and praised, they have better opportunities to use their talents. But the intelligent people in less societies or say in conflict areas, may not have a good way and may seem withdrawn and some may even be depressed, schizophrenic or other forms of mental illness. Without proper methods and methods, some will become rebels and criminals. Smart personalities are unique and they are often withdrawn and quiet or outgoing and very smart. Some geniuses can vary from being withdrawn to very social. Some writers, artists, innovators, creative people may be great in their abilities and creative ideas but may be quiet or quiet in relationships and some will avoid all relationships. Most intelligent people have great leadership skills, they will say things that you will remember forever and they tend to have a strong and personal influence that you cannot miss and ignore. . Even the quietest people will have an influence in their relationship. Most intelligent people, even the quiet types are also strong-willed, determined and a tad obsessive.

Genius and Power: Wise people are very powerful and effective, because they are confident in their abilities. They know for sure that their qualities are good, they know that they can affect and have an impact on people. They like people with their brilliance and everyone likes to be smart. They are like magnetic magnets. Intelligent people also have good understanding and understanding, so they understand people, they predict the answers and thoughts and are able to see through people’s emotions. This understanding of the human psyche is what makes these geniuses so powerful. Even the most intelligent people in society are super psychics and understand people very well. They only know and understand things that cannot be explained clearly and because they are able to predict the answers, they know how to deal with people and situations. If a person of average intelligence comes up with five possibilities and options, a genius will come up with 50 different options. This has the ability to see every angle of the situation, making them stronger because they can see and control the situation better. Skilled people can measure the strengths and weaknesses of people so it is easier for them to see talents and understand who they can trust for specific tasks. Wise people also know more and as many scientists have said and Bertrand Russell has repeated, “Knowledge is Power”.

Intelligence and sexuality: All geniuses are oversexed. Time. Sexual drives and libido or life force are what make the intelligent. The sex makes them think and inspire them to do what they want to do and many intelligent people achieve the best because of their life force or relationship of their sex. Some like Newton would be afraid of sex and try to tame it and others like Picasso would be open to it, but all geniuses are constantly haunted and tormented by their lust have sex Intelligent people have equal self-control with their sexuality, so self-control helps them to fulfill their needs more and more creatively. Some will use the method of denying or denying their sexuality as a form of personal challenge and stay silent for a long time. Scientific studies have shown that most intelligent people have a few sexual partners in their lives. Some intelligent people may consider themselves spiritually, intellectually or morally superior to having intercourse with lesser people, thus having a level of pride and self-esteem highly involved in the practice of being a woman. Intelligent people also have more desire and strength, they do not have good men or women and do not relate to the problems of gender, so there is a level of sexual confusion . Some like van Gogh may have been involved in a lot of promiscuous or heterosexual relationships. Many intelligent people become gay, asexual or involved in other forms of sexuality. Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci are intellectuals who are able to do better with their homosexuals than their androgynous behavior. Many are bisexual, although some intelligent people come to terms with their androgyny and practice the normal relationships of the sexes such as having sex and marrying and having a family and other things. However, unhealthy behaviors such as homosexuality, homosexuality, homosexuality, homosexuality and other forms of sexual intercourse are common among intelligent people.

Genius and Creativity: Genius is characterized by wonder about everything, following the need to gain knowledge in different fields. They may be specialists, can focus on one subject such as computer science although many geniuses are interested in many subjects, and there are many, multitaskers, and skilled or useful in many areas. They have magical or supernatural abilities to do many wonderful things. Some will focus on one area and excel in that particular area. The high levels of creativity seen in intelligence are often the product of knowledge, imagination, freedom and intelligence. Since intelligent people are motivated by curiosity and have a lot of knowledge, this knowledge is used along with thinking to give them unique and good ideas. One ingredient needed for this, is freedom of thought. Intelligent people are very independent in their thinking, they like to think out of the box, they are very willing to rely on other people’s ideas, so personal thinking gives them their creation deserve football to cheer them up. They are thought leaders and thinking independently is a must to satisfy their creativity, sexuality or life drive as well. Freedom of thought makes them have unique creative abilities, so geniuses are often good at technological development, creative like writing, making drama or architecture or they can create a new type of music or dance. Most intelligent people will find an outlet for their creativity and they are often efficient and productive.

Genius and Insanity: Geniuses are usually a little eccentric. They really like eccentricity, because anger helps them release some pressure from creative tension. Moreover, intelligent people are able to predict answers and see situations, so they are able to analyze many things quickly and act in ways that most people would look a little ‘crazy’. So it’s usually a way down in the anger, with a visible anger in the way. But they have an understanding, so they know that they are angry and they have the courage to reach out to their feelings and actually engage in some anger from time to time, knowing that they have control over them the heart They are not afraid of going crazy. People of average intelligence are controlled by their emotions so that they can become insane. Wise people and highly intelligent people tend to control their emotions so even if they appear to be crazy, they have a good grip on their emotions so don’t get angry. Having said that, some geniuses have found themselves struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more. Mental illness can set in the mentally ill. When intelligent people can’t find an outlet for their creativity or there are some restrictions on their creativity, due to personal circumstances, they will lose their mind, too to become rebellious or crazy. It is important that we give enough time to children and adults who show great talent. Children who are very talented should be given more creative activities and encouraged to think for themselves so that they do not get frustrated because there is no appreciation for their abilities.

Psychologists have a better understanding of intelligence and there are many theoretical models in psychology to explain the phenomenon of intelligence. However, there are some good models and solutions to support, encourage, direct or support the talented people. There are many children who are too intelligent to become crazy when they are young and with the increase in the level of intelligence of children around the world, we need more ideas or use the imagination and standards to understand and support intellectuals of all ages and cultures.

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