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Brochure Designing Tips – Time To Develop A Brochure

This is a question I get asked many times by my clients. It is a very difficult question to answer because the success of the recipe depends on many factors. Some factors are under the control of the advertising agency while others are under the control of the client. For example, how quickly an advertising agency prepares copy and design will depend on its activities at that time. On the other hand, the advertising agencies depend on the customers how quickly they can get approval in the various stages of the process of developing the report so that they go step by step before. We spent weeks and months to create a recipe. We also did it for a few days. A few times we even created a recipe in 4-5 hours. There are too many variables involved in creating a map for anyone to estimate the time needed to create and print a map. I think you should allow at least 4-5 weeks to create a recipe. However, in this book I have tried to propose a process for different steps in the development of advertising materials and advertising, which if adopted, will reduce the opportunities to participate in the creation of publications and promotional materials including brochures. For example, in the chapter called “Body Copy,” I showed how to get copy produced and approved in the shortest amount of time.

Some Tips 1. Don’t rely on the moon: Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t send a boy to do a man’s work?” Well, don’t expect your recipe alone to make the sale for you. The purpose of the brochure is to inform customers about your company and products. Its purpose is also to encourage the customer to get in touch with you if he is interested in doing business with you. There are some small items that can be sold with a direct quote. However, don’t try to finish everything with the recipe.

2. Keep it simple and direct: I have said many times in this book that making communication with the audience simple and direct is important because time is short. If the recipe is too long or unclear, the customer should not read it.

3. Use the right words: Always assume that the customer will eventually buy the product or service. Avoid using the words “yes” and “maybe” that invite the possibility of negative responses from customers.

4. Use “You” More Often: Use the word “you” instead of “our customers.” You should assume that the brochure is read by your prospective customers. It is better to say it in person.

5. No open-ended questions: Do not ask open-ended questions in the report. Make sure you say all the questions in such a way that the answer is only “YES”.

6. Use good sound quality: You want your recipe to sound good and work well. You can achieve this without using “tight words” or a loud voice. When creating your presentation, pretend you are talking to your client as his friend. The copy in your report should represent a conversation between friends. Your report should not read like a book.

7. Keep the sentences short: The rule of thumb if you are writing a letter or a book is that the height of the sentence should not exceed the width of the sentence. However, in the report the sentence should be as short as possible.

8. Don’t leave sentences with spaces between them: You only need one design to indicate the beginning of a new sentence.

9.Don’t start a sentence with numbers: “20% of all officers are from north India” is not the right way. The correct way of saying the same would be, “Twenty percent of all officers are from north India.”

10. Underline / Uppercase: Do not use underline or all caps as a way to emphasize a point. Use bold or italics only.

11. Stand-alone documents: Always prepare your brochures so that they contain enough information to function as a stand-alone document. Even if you always send your resume with a cover letter, chances are they will be involved. So don’t rely on the points in the script to cover the points you’ve omitted from your report.

12. Contact information: Always, I repeat always, include your organization’s name, phone number, postal address and email address in your brochure so that people are interested in your products and services can easily contact you.

13. A simple rule of design is repetition: Repeating elements throughout the map makes it strong and beautiful. A quick way to use repetition is to reduce the fonts to one or two or use the same line size throughout the document. Also, format all headings and sub-headings the same way.

14. Heading Space: Add some extra space before each paragraph and close the space between the heading and the following paragraph. This shows the connection between the topic and the sentence it is related to.

15. Good flow: Generally, people read left to right and top to bottom. So make sure that the information in your report follows this flow. In a bi-fold report, the reader wants to look at the cover first, and then the three inner panels. Finally, they will turn over the poster and read the fifth and sixth panels. Include the basic information you want to get across to your reader on the first three panels in the cover. Remove contact information and other data onto both backs.

16. Date: If you include time information (for example a price), make sure you inform the reader of the valid date.

17. Visuals: Visuals work perfectly in the report. The view should be related to the information inside and/or to your idea or concept. Make sure your images are clear and convey the point you are trying to get across. The type of view you use will be affected by the way the map will be divided. Visuals need to be bold and eye-catching to attract readers if the brochure is going to be put in the trash as a Sales Paper. On the other hand, the Out-of-the-Bottom Chart can be used in obscure ways.

18. Logo: Your company logo should appear on the map at the appropriate place. Apart from the back page where the name and address of the company appears, most brochures have the company logo on the cover page as well.

19. Proofread: Check, double and triple-check your report for errors-be it spelling, punctuation or symbols before sending it to print.

20. Bullets: Use bullets to convey the most important information. Too long explanations put people off and they won’t read your guide.

21. Contents: Include only relevant information.

22. Special Offer: It is better to give the job as a fact to the “seller” or cover letter. Otherwise, if the change is made, you will have to change the recipe making it unnecessary to spend more money.

23. Read fast: Books should be easy to read. This can be done by keeping the written information to a minimum to tell your story well. Include only the most important information.

24. Captions: Always use captions below the pictures in your report. Research has shown that after newspapers, readers prefer to read the text first before going to read or scan the rest.

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