How Do I Style The Back Of My Hair Men Five Cheap and Effective Hair Loss Prevention Methods

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Five Cheap and Effective Hair Loss Prevention Methods

1.) Get a blood test! A simple yearly blood test can point out any problems you may have. Treating these problems can help you prevent hair loss. In my case, it was a mild case of anemia. I take iron supplements, which help my body go where it needs to go. While anemia and hair loss are mostly problems for women, other problems, such as thyroid problems occur in both men and women and cause hair loss in both. Addressing the root cause of your hair loss, as you can see from a blood test, can prevent hair loss and hopefully get you back to your normal (full) head cover of hair. A $5 bottle of iron really helped me, so before you go to spend money on heavy medicine, remember to find the root, (haha) of your hair loss.

The Cost? Iron: $5 – blood test: depends on your doctor. Of course, go to the doctor, go to the doctor, go to the doctor, but the truth is I know not everyone has health insurance or can afford a blood test. Trial and error is not the best way to treat hair, but if you already know that you have a problem with bleeding, it will not hurt you (or your account in Bank!) try some iron.

2.) Treat your hair right! I always pull my hair back and every time I take it out of its ponytail more hair falls out. You might think, “yeah, ponytails cause hair loss,” but it’s true – I can see tons (and dozens) of hair being ripped out every time I take my hair cover out. And yes, I used the “ouchless” bands that have no metal parts. Many people who wear cornrows, weaves or hair extensions lose hair. And sometimes these styling options permanently kill the hair roots. I stopped wearing tight ponytails and noticed less hair fall or break out when I brush my hair. Science or not, I was convinced by my own “scientific” experiments that wearing ponytails causes hair loss. The same goes for men who wear ponytails, hats or bandannas. Any kind of pulling, pressing or pushing can cause hair loss and breakage.

The Cost? FREE!

3.) Get a haircut! Sounds weird, right? Your hair is thinning, so get a thin haircut – what are the tips? Well, for me it really helps me in two ways. First, it stopped me from pulling my hair back. Before I cut my hair, my hair was thin in the front and thick in the back and ran down the middle-back. It’s so heavy, always makes me hot or gets in my way and I just want to put it in a ponytail. Which (see #2) made my hair fall out even more. Second, the weight of the hair was pulling down my already strong hair (due to anemia, see #1). So when I finally started eating iron, I vowed to stop the ponytails! But my hair is too heavy and unmanageable. Although thin, the back and sides of my hair are still thick! The hair stylist used a razor blade to thin the hair from the crown to the “inside” of my hair. Go to the salon and ask the stylist to cut your hair with a razor blade instead of scissors, leaving it long, but thin. When the haircut was done, I had about a shoe or more of hair, but my hair kept its length and style. I feel like 10 pounds have been taken off my head! It also makes the front part less visible.

The price? The cost of regular haircuts. However, you should find an expert in cutting hair only. Do not allow someone to do this with a blade – scissors – it will kill your hair! (For some haircuts this is OK, but 90% requires a razor only.) If your regular hairdresser doesn’t do this kind of haircut (many don’t) Try to find a salon that caters to Asian hair. . Asian hair stylists (or people who cut Asian hair) are familiar with thin hair and are trained in the razor.

4.) Anti-dandruff shampoo rocks! In 1998, a scientific study showed that for men suffering from hair loss (androgenic alopecia), the shampoo Nizoral is just as effective as Rogaine in preventing block hair. Although it is not clear how or why, the scientific results say that this product reduces inflammation, thus preventing hair loss. To be honest, when I went into my thin hair (see #3), the hair stylist told me that I have dandruff, so I started using anti-dandruff shampoo. I don’t approve of it or anything, but I use Head and Shoulders, in a beautiful pattern. While I’ve never had dandruff in my life, I seem to itch my head a lot when this hair thinning happens, but maybe it’s because of the constant ponytails or I’m worried about the hair thin lid. However, my hair is slowly going back to normal and I will probably use the head and shoulders. Maybe Nizoral is better, for severe pain, but for me Head and Shoulders seems to make my head happy! Because shampoos do not contain vitamins, minerals or anti-hair loss agents (even from Zinc as far as I know), I do not use 2-in-one or both shampoo and conditioner dandruff (see #5).

The price? A bottle of Nizoral is under $20 and Head and Shoulders is the price of a “regular” shampoo.

5.) Treat your hair right! Many doctors offer the promise of hair protection – at $50 per bottle. You don’t need some extreme cold to get the nutrients your hair needs. My recommendation is to choose a conditioner with vitamins B, vitamin E, vitamin F, biotin and / or PP. A “regular” price cooler can have these elements – just check and see what it has. Since you won’t find everything you need in one cooler, it’s great (and even better) to have a few different ones. I have one that is vitamin-based, one that boasts of biotin, one that sells keratin and another that has oil in it. Variety is the spice of life! I also use cold oil and no moisture (I find it too sticky), but it’s really up to you. There are even sprays, of which I also have one and use it interchangeably with hair oil. My hair conditioner oil has borage oil in it, which is an Omega-6 fatty acid. Borage oil is also good for treating skin conditions like psoriasis, which can often appear on the scalp.

The price? Vitamin-enriched or biotin shampoo is not expensive! Don’t be fooled into buying a $50 bottle of conditioner under the guise that it prevents hair loss. All vitamin-enriched conditioners will protect the hair! Hair oils are also reasonably priced and you can find a good one for under $20. Hair sprays are also reasonably priced, just choose one that isn’t sticky – you can try most of them in the store.

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