How Do I Get All My Styles Back In Word Teaching Phonics and Reading is Fun and Oh So Easy! (It Is! Let Me Explain!)

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Teaching Phonics and Reading is Fun and Oh So Easy! (It Is! Let Me Explain!)

At this time of the year some parents are warned that their child will “give up”. That is a difficult word for any parent to hear. As a teacher, I can honestly tell you this is sometimes appropriate, and sometimes not. Because of that, many families, as well as teachers, are turning to homeschooling. Today’s schools cannot produce high school graduates who can compare favorably in knowledge and skills with the 8th grade graduates of 1900.

Reading is the most important part of a child’s education. It is a precursor to everything else. My elementary school teachers, except for phonics all chose to teach word knowledge. Like most kids who don’t learn phonics. reading is difficult, and not enjoyable. I got good grades, but it took more effort on my part. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned phonics. I was surprised how suddenly I progressed in my reading ability. It is not surprising that most parents and teachers are very nervous when they start teaching their child to read. However, given a little knowledge, and good tools, I guarantee you that it is easier than expected at first. So let’s start the process in this article.

Technical Education

Thirty-eight percent of children are “hands to learn” (The Wise Man). Unfortunately, the school system is not good for this large group. They are often mislabeled as Dyslexic, Attention Deficit or problem children. My eldest son is this character.

At an early age, he was eager to learn anything to do with his hands…like riding a bicycle. Bumps and bruises do not deter him. He just kept to himself, and went to the toy again and again until he knew. He has shown great wisdom in this. However when he went to school, things happened differently. He was not interested in the final study. Like many, he concluded: ‘If I can’t do something with it, it’s a waste of my time”. happiness for their relationship.” Churchill and Patton were of this character. In other words, these children are not intelligent, dyslexic or ADD. On the contrary, they are very intelligent. It is a teaching method that does not exist because it is not designed for judgment-oriented listening.

In the third grade, I visited this grandson in his classroom. He is trying to write, and answer many questions. It was done the first three times, and then went to the mark without reading them. I said to him, “Teacher doesn’t want you to read these things?” “No, he answered, he didn’t care.” Because he didn’t, this continued to cause his mother to have to catch him every summer. Finally, his mother withdrew him from school, and started home schooling.

In the School, it is not uncommon for children who behave this way to be held back every year. I gave the children this during the middle period because the teachers gave them. Only by changing the methods used to teach these children with their classmates, and graduate on time.

Sadly, the repeated failure at the hands of the learners is one thing. If this is your child’s story, early childhood education should follow suit.

Luckily, for my grandson his mother found the answer. However, many of these children reach adulthood without reaching their potential because they believe that they are “not as smart as others”, which is far from the truth, and is greatest of all.

We recommend playing lessons for children because this is the best way for them to learn. However the “The Watcher Personal” adapts first to technical education which is the most common form of teaching in public schools. One will learn more about the Watcher himself and others in the book, “Please Understand Me II” by David Keirsey). “The Personal Guardian”. At a very early age he wanted to help, and was happy to teach and follow the rules of his brother’s anxiety. My point here is that every child is different, and most schools don’t consider this when they teach like one size fits all. We don’t need to repeat the same mistakes in the school environment. Instead of deciding that a child must learn to read at the age of five, let them present your learning schedule and structure.

For example, let me tell you a story about my second grandson. Coty (“Self-Assessment”) never went to public school. His mother schooled him on the first day. He read to her regularly, and it was a fun time for both of them. When he learned his ABCs he tried to use flash cards to teach him phonics, which is a poor way for most children to learn. It quickly became a job for both of them. I reminded him of a game I used to teach children to read. It changed everything. Koty quickly learns his voice, and asks to play more than his mother wants. He was able to read early literature. He even blurted out difficult words like Premium at local gas stations when they played a game of reading the words while traveling. However, he did not want to pick up a book and read it himself. Having read the book “Better Than Early” by Raymond & Dorothy Moore, his mother continued to read it to him. When he was eight years old, he picked up a book, and asked his mother to read it. There was no time for that, he refused. Patiently waiting for him, he began to read the book himself, and there was a reluctance to read after that. Within six months he was reading at a fifth grade level. We recommend the Book, “Better Than Early” because it explains how important it is to treat the child’s natural interests instead of making him fit into a square peg of our own design .

All Left Brain Teaching Verses Left Brain Teaching

The Exchange (workbooks, flashcards, lectures..sit down at a desk work) teaches the left brain, and reaches 45% of children. However Whole Body Teaching (“Whole Body Response”) teaches all subjects by involving as many senses in the learning process as possible. With this method, children learn faster, retain more, reduce stress, and drop costs by 90%. It also improves mental health making it a great way for people with learning disabilities.

As a Home Teacher How Can You Teach Your Child to Read?

It is a common belief that in order to teach reading there must be teaching. In 1900 many teachers did not have a high school diploma, and education was much better than it is today. Alas, there is no magic: If you can read, you can teach children to read. Of course the right tools, and information is the key to success.

Important Notes:

(1) I t is important for your child to engage in phonics reading as soon as possible. When they learn their first 8 sounds, they should be able to read their first early reader. When they have learned 6 more letters they should be reading their second early reader… and so on.

(2) Many children learn some of their sounds incorrectly, making them slow to read, or unable to make out sounds from words. As a teacher, I have seen this happen with computer phonics games, and in public schools. Therefore it is important for the teacher to make sure that the sounds are learned correctly.

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